LOVE  the Mission. LIVE  the Values. LOVE  the Mission. LIVE  the Values.
LOVE the Mission. LIVE the Values.

It is what we do every day.

For 25 years, EBI has done whatever it takes to make your life easier. We understand HR, and we know how difficult talent acquisition is in today’s market. Our industry-leading technology and unparalleled client service deliver the best customized screening solutions you’ll find anywhere. Working as partners, we can elevate your recruiting. View our leadership team.

Our Mission

“To Be The Happiest Company…
Only Happy People Deliver Happy.”

Our Core Values

Our core values make us stand out and help us accomplish our mission. Great companies infuse their values into everything they do. Guided by our ten core values, we deliver the best solutions in the background screening industry.

Core Values

We create clients for life.

Great companies follow one simple rule for creating customers for life. They provide excellent service and an excellent experience. You can count on EBI to listen to your needs and do whatever it takes to deliver a solution.

We embrace transparency, honesty, and integrity in everything we do.

Great companies embrace integrity and transparency at their very core. Great companies openly share exactly what goes on behind the scenes. At EBI, we believe in accountability, and continually work to improve our value to you. We constantly audit ourselves and evolve to better serve your needs.

We see opportunities, where others see obstacles.

Great companies embrace obstacles as challenges to be solved creatively. Obstacles are tough, but they provide an opportunity to improve. Whether it’s technology, security, compliancy, or best practices, EBI can turn today’s obstacle into tomorrow’s win.

We actively seek to learn, grow, and share knowledge with others.

Great companies share their knowledge and expertise with others. They gather others' perspectives and learn more themselves, which in turn grows them even further. From our Happy University classes for employees, to our Compliance Library and Trusted Advisor Program for clients, to our Screening News Network, blogs, and webinars - we constantly strive to collect and share knowledge.

We protect PII like it's our own.

Great companies know the value of privacy and put it at the forefront of every decision they make. We value your trust above all, and know you value the same trust of your employees. We’ll always strive to keep your data as safe as we keep our own. Our adoption of quality internally (ISO 9001) fosters our commitment to data privacy at the highest level (ISO 27001). We know we’re accountable for your data, which is why we never send it overseas. We have your back!

We value the power of our team built on honor and mutual respect.

Our team works together in every aspect of our business - like a well-oiled machine. Twenty-three of our team members have been here over 10 years, and 7 of those have been here over 15.

We’re committed to being creative, open-minded, and thinking outside the box.

Great companies stay creative and committed to constant growth and improvement. EBI stays on the cutting edge of technology, while always increasing our depth of knowledge. Our diverse client base ensures we’re prepared to meet any challenge, no matter the size of company we’re serving.

We believe in working hard and living fun.

Great companies know positive people with positive thoughts deliver positive results. Focusing on happiness as our mission, we strive to provide a meaningful, passionate and positive culture for our team so they can be happy even when they're not here. Whether it’s our social committee, philanthropic effort, or any of our other programs, there's something for everyone at EBI.

We are passionate about creating a "WOW" experience for everyone.

Great companies think of clients as partners and constantly evolve to meet their needs in new and creative ways that keep them excited. At EBI, we call that the "WOW" experience, and we'd love to show you what that means! Our clients love working with us, and most never leave. Give us a try and find out why.


Our leadership team brings decades of experience to the table. Their collective wisdom has taught them people come first. They work hard to provide employees with opportunities to perform their best work, and grow personally and professionally everyday. We believe in people doing business with people. That is the secret sauce that makes EBI the best background screening company there is.

Our Leadership Team 

Rick Kurland Rick Kurland

Rick Kurland

Chief Executive Officer


23 Of Us Have Been With EBI for Over 10 Years

Bob Capwell Bob Capwell

Bob Capwell

Chief Knowledge Officer


EBI Was The First CRA To Obtain Both ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 Certifications

Scott Thelen Scott Thelen

Scott Thelen

Chief Financial Officer

Curt Schwall Curt Schwall

Curt Schwall

VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Michelle Nichols Michelle Nichols

Michelle Nichols

VP of Operations and Delivery Systems

Heather Horn Heather Horn

Heather Horn

VP of Drug Testing, Occupational Health & Wellness

Sean Kolarik Sean Kolarik

Sean Kolarik

VP of Sales & Client Relations


EBI Was The First CRA To Obtain Both ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 Certifications

RJ Frasca RJ Frasca

RJ Frasca

Vice President Of Marketing

Chris Fucci Chris Fucci

Chris Fucci

Executive Creative Director


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