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Our Culture

Our Culture

It’s one of the first things you think of when considering a new role: “What’s the culture like?”

As it happens, culture is not just important to us – it’s sacred.

Nobody wants to find themselves working for another hum-drum company full of rigid suits and anonymous faces. (Some people might refer to this type of environment as “corporate.” At EBI, we pride ourselves on not being “corporate.”)

Our mission statement is “To Be The Happiest Company, Period. Only Happy People Can Deliver Happy.” Over the years, we have been lucky enough to build a culture that delivers on that goal. You would be hard-pressed to find one like it anywhere else.

Because at EBI, we understand that it’s all the little things that add up to make you excited to come to work each day. That make you excited to be part of a family. That make you happy.

25% of our team has been with EBI for over a decade!

In an age where tenure is virtually unheard of, it's the norm at EBI. In fact 1 of 4 team members has been with EBI for over 10 years, and 1 in 16 has been with us for more than 15!

Our Core Values

From entry level positions to the leadership team, everyone at EBI shares the same vision and core values.

  1. We create clients for life.
  2. We embrace transparency, honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  3. We deliver impactful solutions that make a difference.
  4. We see opportunities where others see obstacles.
  5. We actively seek to learn and grow and share knowledge with others.
  6. We protect PII like it’s our own.
  7. We value the power of our team, built on honor and mutual respect.
  8. We are committed to being creative, open minded and thinking outside the box.
  9. We believe in working hard and living fun.
  10. We are passionate about creating a “WOW” experience for everyone.

This is the “secret sauce” that makes it all work. Everything EBI does aligns with these common goals and it’s what has made us so successful for so long.

Are You Ready to Deliver "Happy"?

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An Inspiring Work Environment

We selected and designed our office space with “happy” in mind.

Our office features:

  • Creative spaces for team collaboration
  • Training room to facilitate ongoing learning
  • State-of-the-art audio/visual and security technology
  • Self-service micromarket with fresh, healthy options
  • Three gourmet coffee stations
  • Wellness room

Our business park features:

  • Fitness center with golf simulator
  • Subway restaurant
  • Walking trails
  • Picnic tables
  • Basketball court
  • Covered parking


  • EBI offers medical, dental, vision and optional employee-paid benefits that include life insurance, short and long-term disability.
  • If enrolled in our Medical Insurance, you will receive $1,000 towards the cost of your deductible.
  • Start with 15 PTO days that begin accruing immediately upon hire. While we encourage our staff to use their PTO, 24 hours can be carried over to the next year.
  • Annual performance increases.
  • Internal growth and development opportunities.
  • 401k with a competitive company match.
  • Access to EAP, which is a program that is available to help you and your immediate family members find solutions to life’s challenges. EAP offers assistance on many topics including, but not limited to, life changes, stress management, financial and legal concerns, anxiety and depression, family and parenting issues, etc.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Our internal Learning Management System enables team members to take unlimited free courses to help improve their skills.
  • Flexible working program to help foster a healthy work/life balance.


Jamie F.
EBI truly has a family atmosphere. The management team is extremely supportive. Leadership is always willing to help you grow, both personally and professionally; they really care about their associates. This may sound strange, but I look forward to coming into work every day!

Jamie F.

Implementation Specialist

Sheree M.
Here at EBI, it’s relaxed enough where I can be comfortable during the day, but serious enough that everyone understands the difference we make by background screening. Also, it’s nice to know that the work being done, even behind the scenes, does matter and is noticed.

Sheree M.

Occupational Healthcare Specialist

Karen C.
At EBI, I am part of a team that is dedicated to assisting our clients with making sound hiring decisions. We are not just a company, but a family who supports each other. I especially enjoy how we go above and beyond in raising money for our philanthropic fund to help others who are less fortunate.

Karen C.

Adjudication Specialist

Rachael G.
I have never been with a company that cares about its employees as much as EBI does. From coworkers who are like family, to the management team that has helped me develop both professionally and personally, I know I’m at the best place to grow my career. I’m proud to be Team EBI!

Rachael G.

Customer Care Specialist

David M.
There are many reasons I enjoy working at EBI, but the one reason that stands out is being around people who are extremely hard working and care about what they do. I enjoy being challenged in many different ways, having the freedom to think outside the box and have my ideas heard, and being recognized when I achieve my goals. EBI helps you learn, grow, and show your potential.

David M.

Compliance Fulfillment Manager

Dawn S.
It is exciting to be on this side of HR – I get to see first-hand just how effective and innovative our background screening services are. Working at EBI is exciting as so many projects are underway. For my area, that means a vigorous staffing plan that is in place to meet the needs of our clients. The culture at EBI allows me to expand my creative ideas in order to achieve the results that will drive our strategic staffing plan forward. To this end, hiring excellent talent for an excellent place of employment is extremely fulfilling for me.

Dawn S.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Happy Wednesday from Maryland.