No Dad Jokes Here – Celebrating Father’s Day With EBI Staffers

Some boys are born to become fathers. Some men choose to become dads in other ways. However dads are made, you can recognize a great one a mile away. This week, EBI staffers are celebrating all the fathers, dads, and poppies out there, and paying tribute to them in a special Father’s Day blog. These… Continue reading No Dad Jokes Here – Celebrating Father’s Day With EBI Staffers

What 2020 Has Taught Me

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a wild ride! But if we slow down and take a breath, we can realize it wasn’t all bad. Members of our EBI Team share what they’ve learned this year.

EBI Honors Employees’ Fight Against Breast Cancer by Supporting Wine, Women & Shoes

We kicked off 2020 by celebrating our inaugural year of giving at EBI. Although the pandemic has tried to derail our momentum, we have been continuing our philanthropic commitments through a variety of partnerships near and dear to our hearts. We are excited to announce registration is open for the August 23rd Wine, Women &… Continue reading EBI Honors Employees’ Fight Against Breast Cancer by Supporting Wine, Women & Shoes

Driving Humanity Back to Business with Design Culture

What the heck is Design Culture? Most people within business and/or nonprofit communities have never heard the words “design” and “culture” used in tandem. For many it sounds like a mashup, like fusion cuisine. In reality, Design Culture is a cohesive organizational superpower. Design Culture is a vehicle to rediscover the human side of your… Continue reading Driving Humanity Back to Business with Design Culture

Making the Most Out of Your Virtual Interviews – An HR Roundtable

While virtual meetings have become vital to keeping co-workers connected during COVID-19, you would probably be hard-pressed to find an HR manager who cheers the idea of making hiring decisions this way. Not only do you lose some of the gut feeling you get when meeting someone face-to-face, but there are also plenty of things that can go wrong.

Three Ways to Boost Employee Morale

I have always been a scrappy gal. You give me lemons and after a short pity party, which I always allow myself, I will hunt down the sugar, a pitcher, and a spoon. This ability to create a simple syrup out of tough situations is something I unwittingly learned from my great grandmother, Bertha Anzulovic.

I can finally recognize the tools Bertha quietly taught me by the way she lived. She survived the Great Depression, eight miscarriages, and being widowed in her early thirties with four children to raise alone; never to remarry. During Bertha’s 86 years, she went on to earn a Ph.D., become a school principal, play the piano in church and at home, and make handcrafted dolls from dish detergent bottles. She strived to end global poverty, donating to children’s charities in Africa. She also truly lived to “beat the pants off” her many grand and great-grandchildren and anyone else brave enough to challenge her to a card game.

These subliminal lessons empowered me to navigate a tough single-parent childhood with housing insecurity, separate near death experiences of both of my daughters, and the last 21 years as a supportive partner and creative brainstormer to my CEO husband as he navigated his own business through 9/11, the 2008 recession, and now an unprecedented pandemic. Bertha’s rules to live by will coexist seamlessly in both your professional and personal lives and will help you develop a resiliency muscle that will make even a professional bodybuilder jealous!

My own professional evolution over the last 28 years from CPA, financial recruiter, stay-at-home mother, and now the leader of Global Design Culture at EBI and co-founder of the Just One World Foundation, makes me confident that practicing and sharing these three ways of looking at the world will immunize you from dreaded negativity at home, in your social life and at the office.

So, let’s take off our pity party hats and look at three opportunities we have right in front of us to start squeezing those lemons!