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We all have a responsibility to protect one another. Our passion is saving lives and livelihoods.

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Navigating the impact of a pandemic is new to all of us. But with the right tools and processes, businesses and employees will once again have the confidence to safely return to work.


Workplace Entry

Workplace Health & Safety begins by identifying potential illness before it enters your workplace. The following is a typical workflow, although workflows can be completely customized to meet your unique needs.


Each employee answers a simple CDC recommended question set to identify if they are potentially symptomatic, or if they have been in a high-risk area that may have increased the chances of exposure to COVID-19. If all looks well, the employee is cleared to head into work. The CDC recommended questions can be done either on our free mobile app or at the kiosk or no touch thermal scanner at your facility.


Employers may request that employees check their temperatures (the most telling symptom of COVID-19) once arriving at work. Temperatures are taken via a thermal scanning kiosk that measures body temperature within 0.3ºC accuracy. The device also detects whether or not a mask is being worn. If the employee registers a temperature over 100.4ºF, a red light will display, entry into the workplace is denied, and the employee will receive clinical and HR guidance as to the next steps. If the temperature falls within the accepted range, the employee receives a green light and optional badge entry (electronic and/or printed) is issued, lasting up to 24 hours.

Distance Monitoring & Contact Tracing

Workplace Health & Safety continues by ensuring social distancing compliance and tracing potential exposure in the workplace. Contact Tracing is very helpful in tracking potential exposure after a diagnosis. But what about mitigating the risk before potential exposure? EBI’s Distance Monitoring and Contact Tracing solves for both:

Distance Monitoring

With EBI’s system, employees wear an extremely lightweight sensor that emits a warning when they are too close to another employee. This proximity monitoring is real-time and accurate within centimeters using industry-leading peer to peer Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology. Data is collected and stored in your Command Center so you gain valuable insights into who is or is not adhering to your physical distance monitoring program. The Distance Monitoring system also alerts you to high traffic or congested physical areas in the workplace that may need to be reconfigured due to your social distancing policies.

Contact Tracing

Tracking the path of an illness is a key defense in preventing infection across your organization. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or another infectious disease, contact tracing helps identify people who may have come in contact with the infected employee and highlights locations in your facility where the employee worked. In both cases, risk mitigation efforts can be targeted to reduce further potential exposures.

Management & Administration

When it comes to managing your entire workforce through crisis, you need new data insights to make business decisions fast. Whether it’s employee symptoms, potential exposure, temperature, distance monitoring, or contact tracing, you need to digest it from a high level to make critical business decisions before shutdowns or other serious yet avoidable obstacles occur. The EBI Workplace Health & Safety Command Center features all the tools you need to manage through the pandemic confidently and effectively – all in one place. Features include:

  • Software both on the hardware and in the Command Center has been designed and built in the U.S. No data is sent overseas, and all data is securely locked down in the cloud
  • Easy user and device setup. Everything is truly "plug and play"
  • Real-time monitoring of employee questionnaires, entry point thermal scans and contact tracing/proximity data
  • Intuitive dashboards showing traffic density throughout your offices
  • Messaging capabilities that let you reach individuals and/or groups of employees as needed with instant guidance and instruction
  • Manage device network settings, all configuration and updates for all devices at all locations through one Command Center Dashboard
  • Service Portal to manage next-day warranty replacements of equipment
  • Instant and recurring reports sent to users who need them

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