Extended Workforce Screening
Extended Workforce Screening

Screen your extended workforce as if it's your own

Background Screening & Drug Testing For Your Extended Workforce

You go above and beyond with background screening and drug testing to ensure a safe working environment for your employees. As important as that is, you could be lulling yourself into a false sense of security if you regularly have vendors in your offices or on your property.

Temps or contract workers have contact with your employees and often access to your work-product. It is essential that staffing firms, cleaning companies and all other third-party vendors adhere to the same high standards you have set for your permanent workforce.

Our Extended Workforce Screening makes the process simple and seamless. All your vendor has to do is set up their screening program with us, and we will make sure they follow all of your protocols. This centralized method of risk management helps you have confidence that your people and your information are safe.

All too often, HR departments just assume the people being sent their way have been screened. Trusting that your vendor is conducting thorough background screening is not good enough. Even if they claim to conduct background checks, there is no guarantee they are looking for the same things you find important.

This system is fully automated and consolidates all of your results on one platform. It adds peace of mind without adding more work to your already busy schedule.

Our Extended Workforce Screening makes it easy to have a consistent screening program for everyone involved in your business, regardless of who is signing their paychecks.

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