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LOVE Your Customer Care

We Make Your Job Easier

We take a different approach than other CRA’s. From the minute you reach out to us, we set out to deliver a “WOW” Experience. We’ll work with you to learn all of your unique screening needs, and craft a program that meets each and every one of them. Most importantly, we work with you to deliver your candidates a great experience.

Every client experience is different at EBI. That’s by design. Sure, we treat every client as a partner, and go the extra mile for each, but we know that no two businesses are the same. We’ll learn about your company and craft a screening program that best fits your talent acquisition strategy.

A Team You Can Depend On

When you choose us, we will thoughtfully assemble a dedicated team that services your account. This team will continually improve your screening program over time to meet your constantly evolving requirements. Business changes fast, and your trusted team will be ready to pivot just as fast as you need to. Your team will consist of a National Account Executive, Strategic Account Coordinator, Sales Support Analyst, and Customer Care Representative.

A Familiar Face

You’ll get to know your team very well. The average tenure of our account management team is almost 10 years and it is typical for a client to have the same team for the life of their account with EBI. You and your EBI team will work together at every step to offer pragmatic solutions that you can count on.

Best In Class Client Support

Great businesses are rooted in great service

We value client relationships above all. That’s why we put your needs before all else with each decision we make. Our client support is simply unrivaled in the industry, and we have the numbers to prove it!

Our team consists of experts in every area of background screening – and their expertise is built on real-world experience. 20% of our employees have been here longer than 10 years, 7 of whom have been here over 15 years! Our leadership team is comprised of the most known and respected individuals in the industry. What does that mean for you? We’re able to use that knowledge to provide you with the best overall experience. We’re a dedicated, passionate team who knows background screening better than anyone else and are committed to doing it the best way we can.

U.S.-Based Client Care Team

Many CRA’s use offshore teams to service clients. Our entire team is U.S.-based and collaborates directly with the rest of our team daily. We meet together, we learn together, and we all know the right person to ask if we don’t have the answer to a question. Candidate information never leaves our borders, problems are solved in-house, and our client support team is trained to respond to your questions fast. In fact, over 80% of our client’s issues are resolved on the first call!

Trusted Advisor Program

As an EBI Client, you will have access to the most comprehensive compliance offering there is. We approach compliancy from a consultative relationship perspective. You will have access to the most respected compliance subject matter experts in the industry today… and if we can’t answer your questions, we have a legal counsel network that can, at a fraction of their normal hourly rate.

“Our account rep is fantastic. He is absolutely fantastic. He’s responded to me while on vacation or when he’s been travelling. I’ll literally get an email back in no time saying he’s resolved whatever issue I had! His support has been fantastic!”

Dana Ashby | Ciena Corporation

Happy Tuesday from Maryland.