Background Screening for ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIES Background Screening for ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIES
Background Screening for ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIES

Health & Medical

We assist hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living communities and healthcare staffing firms with meeting their unique hiring needs. This includes proprietary healthcare screening solutions built around industry best practices and HIPAA standards. This enables you to meet compliance requirements, remain protected from liability, and gain the best ROI from your employment screening program.

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Our team of experts is specialized in the nuances of the transportation industry and its needs, including DOT regulations for drug testing, physicals, credential verifications and driving records. EBI helps you mitigate risk and avoid the fines associated with non-compliance, thereby ensuring your fleet is safe and running at optimal efficiency.

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Retail Businesses

The high rate of turnover in this industry makes pre-employment background checks extremely important. Our comprehensive line of background screening services will quickly let you know if an applicant has a criminal history and if they are telling the truth about things like previous employment and education.

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Staffing & Recruiting Agencies

Time is one luxury staffing firms rarely get to enjoy. You need to get the right candidate into the job ASAP.

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Hotels & Hospitality

Approximately 10% of all job candidates have some type of criminal past. The percentage is even higher for part-time, seasonal and minimum wage staff members. Hotel employees fall into this group more than almost any other industry.

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Schools & Education

From teachers to bus drivers, elementary school to college, every person who comes in contact with students should have the most complete criminal background check available.

EBI can design and administer a comprehensive background screening and drug testing program to monitor faculty, students and even volunteers.

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Non-Profits & Screening Volunteers

Groups working with the more vulnerable in our society such as children, the sick and the elderly, have a great responsibility to protect those they are trying to help.

Yes, money is always a concern, but background screening is not the place to cut corners.

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