Is Zoom Dysmorphia Real?

Zoom Dysmorphia
Zoom Dysmorphia

Has your self-confidence taken a hit since meetings moved online? There is something uncomfortable about suddenly having to stare at yourself in meetings when you used to focus all your attention on others. There is even a new term for this discomfort: Zoom Dysmorphia.

Jennifer Gladstone spoke with a plastic surgeon who says the problem is real, but the solutions may be a lot easier than people think.

By Jennifer Gladstone

Jennifer Gladstone is a news anchor and journalist with more than 20 years of experience in front of the camera. She's worked in several markets, large and small, and has performed nearly every task needed in a newsroom. As EBI’s Screening News Editor, she keeps EBI’s customers and blog subscribers up to date on the latest screening news and legislative alerts affecting companies of all sizes.

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