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Address History

7-Year Criminal History Statewide Upgrade*

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*All county statutory fees are included in the 7-Year Criminal History Search, excluding Statewide searches. Searches include current name only. Additional terms and conditions may apply. The price for Employment and Education Verifications includes current name only, and does not include international searches or third-party verification fees like those imposed by the Work Number and National Student Clearinghouse. Please visit beta.ebiwow.com for additional screening services such as driving records, drug and occupational health, and I-9.

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Social Security Number Trace and Address History
This is the crucial first step in a thorough background check. The Social Security Number trace:

  • Searches for any aliases

  • Confirms the validity of the Social Security Number

  • Identifies all residences

  • Looks for any other important data points

National Criminal Database and Sex Offender Registry Search

This search uncovers criminal offenses that occurred outside areas the applicant has lived.

Our National Criminal Research Database Search (NCRD) is a 50-state, multi-jurisdictional search of nearly one billion offense records. The records are a compilation of information from municipal, circuit, district and superior court repositories, criminal records, as well as the Department of Corrections. It also includes records from the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the Department of Justice.

The Sex Offender Registry Search product searches the sex offender registries of all U.S. states and territories.

Terrorist Watch List (OFAC)

This search looks at more than 120 separate U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists to ensure compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act.

Here is a partial list of the government sources:

  • OFAC Specifically Designated Nationals (SDN) & Blocked Persons

  • OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities & Ports

  • Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories

  • Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties

  • U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security (formerly BXA)

  • Unverified Entities List, Denied Entities List and Denied Persons List

  • FBI Most Wanted Terrorists & Seeking Information

  • FBI Top Ten Most Wanted

  • INTERPOL Most Wanted List

  • Bank of England Sanctions List

  • OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List

  • United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List

  • Politically Exposed Persons List

  • European Union Terrorist List

  • World Bank Ineligible Firms

County Criminal Records Search (Statewide Upgrade Where Applicable)
The most in-depth way to get accurate and timely results. The County Criminal Records Search checks for both felony and misdemeanor records. Our expansive team of professionals conduct in-person searches at courthouses in all U.S. jurisdictions and territories.
Federal Criminal Search
This is a records search of the applicable districts in the federal district database. The check searches current residence, and provides results identifying criminal records as related to federal law. These federal violations will not appear in county and state searches.

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We understand many of our OnDemand clients aren’t background screening experts and may have questions about the products, services, and industry. We’ve gathered some of the most common questions and answers so you can make informed hiring decisions. Visit the OnDemand FAQs.

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