Our background check software ensures a simple and friendly user experience with easy-to-use, time-saving tools. Your domestic and global screening programs instantly become compliant – completely paperless with more analytical insight than ever before. Because our pre-integrated solutions seamlessly interface with your recruiting software, it eliminates the need for redundant data entry, reducing errors, improving efficiencies and saving money.

Pre-Built Integrations

Dozens of pre-built ATS integrations are ready to be deployed. Custom integrations are available by request.



Global Platform

Processing candidates domestically or internationally has never been more efficient. Country specific protocols, required fields, data collection requirements, appropriate disclosures and forms are all instantly identified and supplied to the requester or candidate.

Compliance Resources

Our multi-tiered architecture lets you request and share information over an infinite number of users, offices, locations and countries… all on one secure, dynamic platform.

Enterprise Security

Customized security features are available for multiple users at account and sub-account levels. This structure enables companies to customize users’ security, requesting, viewing, reporting and administrative rights.

Candidate Portal

The Candidate Portal allows you to send forms to candidates electronically. Candidates enter all of the required information needed to conduct a background check. This interactive, user-friendly interface creates a seamless user experience while it saves you time and money.

Disclosures & Forms

Disclosures and Forms are integrated intuitively throughout our background check software. All of the forms you need, whether international or domestic, are automatically deployed right from our background check software, eliminating the need for manual collection.


All you have to do is key in the candidate’s name and e-mail address. The system pre-fills current and historical residences, validates the SSN and automatically orders the appropriate criminal record search areas based on your customized profile and criteria. It's as fast as 1-2-3.

Mouse Signatures

An employee only has to sign once and the signature is carried over to other forms as needed. This technology reduces lag time caused by scanning and faxing documents and repeatedly asking for additional signatures. And it's globally accepted by employers, educational institutions and government agencies.

Delta Tracker™

As a vital part of our Candidate Portal, Delta Tracker monitors what information the candidate edits during the candidate portal process. Delta Tracker will alert you if the information the candidate enters differs from what you originally entered.

API Access

Want to build a custom integration yourself? Sign-up to get early adopter access to our API.

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Screening Packages

EBI's screening platform allows you to customize packages to ensure consistent and efficient screening programs and ensure compliance. Each package can be custom labeled, referenced and tracked to provide specific reporting by position, department or facility.


Crims will automatically process orders based on a client’s preferences. It links an applicant’s name, residential history and movement patterns with instant ordering so the entire process is streamlined, unbiased and universally protocolled. Automatically add counties, statewides or federal records from areas identified on the SSN Trace or automatically add search areas from employment or educational histories.


Color-coded report statuses guide you to the right report for convenient sorting, final adjudication and next steps. Approved users can change a corporate review status directly online to reflect your final decision. One-Touch Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters are pre-formatted with your corporate letterhead and pre-populated with the candidate’s mailing information.



From our dashboard, you can order reports, check the status of those that are pending, find forms and even get news and announcements. Authorized users can access this information anytime, day or night.


User messaging and real-time notifications are located right on our Dashboard. They alert users of critical next steps or actions required. Court closures, weather issues and legislative updates are all available to keep your screening running smoothly. E-mail alerts are easily configured by the user.


In addition to notifications appearing on our platform's dashboard, triggers can be customized to deploy an e-mail notification at designated stages. It can also alert managers, in real-time, when a background check has been submitted.

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