Screening News Update: Positive Drug Tests Up | Ban the Box Bill Fails in IL | Ride-Share Adds Continuous Screening [Video]

Screening News Update: Positive Drug Tests Up | Ban the Box Bill Fails in IL | Ride-Share Adds Continuous Screening [Video]

By Jennifer Gladstone

  • Workforce Positivity Rates Up Again
  • Illinois Universities Will NOT Ban the Box
  • Ride Share Adds Continuous Background Checks

Workforce Positivity Rates Up Again

According to a new Quest Diagnostics report, the number of positive marijuana tests has reached a 14-year high. The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index shows a significant increase in post-accident positivity rates for both federally mandated, safety-sensitive positions as well as the general workforce. The index, which analyzes more than 20-million workplace drug test results, found that opiate use seems to have dropped, while marijuana usage keeps rising. They also found a significant jump in the number of urine tests that were reported as “invalid” – 80% for the federally mandated, safety sensitive workforce. This suggests more people are trying to cheat the test.

Illinois Universities Will NOT Ban the Box

The Illinois House rejected a bill that would have required all public colleges and universities in the state to Ban the Box on their admissions applications. Chicago Representative Mary Flowers sponsored the bill because she believes that asking about past mistakes keeps those who are trying to rehabilitate themselves from getting the education they need to make a fresh start. The legislation was proposed at a tough time considering many colleges are under fire for violence on campus. One detractor pointed out that, if passed into law, this bill would put convicted felons in dorms with 17 and 18-year-olds who were living away from home for the first time. He said the legislature needs to find some other way to offer a second chance without putting students at risk. The bill failed by a vote of 40-60.

Ride Share Adds Continuous Background Checks

According to a recent survey by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), while 92% of employers do pre-employment background checks, only about 4% are conducting continuous checks on their employees. That means, if an employee gets arrested for a crime any time after they complete their new-hire onboarding, the company may never know. EBI has long suggested Ongoing Screening, and now Lyft, the well-known ride-share company, has decided to add these continuous checks to their screening program in an effort to ensure rider safety. The monitoring system will notify the company immediately if any disqualifying criminal convictions are discovered. Drivers must also have a full annual re-screening. Anyone who doesn’t pass will be removed from the platform.

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