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Smarter Background Checks

Companies of all sizes know that talent acquisition is slow, costly, and ever-changing. But we’re here to help you find the best candidate quickly and painlessly, making you more efficient.

How We’re Making Background Screening Easier

After signing up, you’ll work directly with our onboarding team to hit the ground running. The onboarding team specializes in learning your workflow and process, which allows them to tailor your experience. So every screening package is custom built to fit your unique needs and requests. Our industry-leading technology allows for more than 55,000 customizations, allowing us to build the perfect screening program for you.

If your needs are more cut and dried, you can choose from any of our pre-built background screening packages. Once you’ve chosen a package (or packages) that fits your needs, you can begin automating your workflow, so every background check is the same, or customized, as needed.

And with an industry-leading 99.96% uptime, we provide the most dependable employment screening solution on the market today.

Benefits of EBI's Background Screening

  • 99.9% Accuracy
  • Internal Quality Audits Each Month
  • 100% US-Based Support
  • 97% of Calls Handled by Live US Agents
  • 98% of Calls Answered in 3 Rings
  • Single POC for the Duration of Your Contract
  • Mobile Candidate Management

Adverse Action & Adjudication Support


With the careful guidance of our compliance team, we’ll help you design a screening results based hiring policy. Your customized policy will then be entered into our screening platform, creating a hiring process that is simple, efficient, consistent, and FCRA and EEOC compliant.

Adverse Action

Adverse Action is a very specific and complicated part of the hiring process. Many states and cities now have their own laws, complicating matters even more. Our dynamic adverse action module’s artificial intelligence makes this complicated process simple and compliant. All your pre-approved adverse action letters live in our screening platform and can be sent with a few clicks of a button. It knows what to send and when it has to be delivered, so you don’t have to. EBI also offers an optional mailing service.

Fully Compliant Background Screening


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