Criminal Background Checks and  RECORD SEARCHES Criminal Background Checks and  RECORD SEARCHES
Criminal Background Checks and RECORD SEARCHES

Criminal Background Checks for Employers

The criminal background check is a crucial piece in talent acquisition. Finding out what crimes a potential candidate has in their background arms you with the info needed to make an informed hiring decision. It helps reduce your hiring costs, and more importantly, helps you create a safer workplace for all your employees. There are many types of criminal records searches, and we’ll help you determine which ones make sense for your candidates.

Types of Criminal Record Searches

Searching County, State, and Federal Records for Criminal Records

County Criminal Records

County Criminal Records Search

County criminal searches are the most up-to-date, accurate and best criminal records searches you can order. And our team of records professionals conduct in-person searches at courthouses in all US jurisdictions and territories. We’ll help you determine which jurisdictions your candidate has lived in, and whether a county search makes sense.

Statewide Criminal Records

Statewide Criminal Records Search

Many states maintain a central repository for criminal records, which aggregates data from all the law enforcement and courts within the state. However, not all states provide access to such a repository. Some states have out-of-date information. We constantly monitor all data repositories and can advise you on the best course of action in any jurisdiction.

Federal Criminal Records

Federal Criminal Records

Federal Criminal offenses are, by definition, crimes committed against the US government. These crimes won’t appear in searches run at a state or county level. Examples of offenses that fall under Federal jurisdiction would be embezzlement, bank robbery, interstate drug trafficking, etc. A Federal Criminal Records search will search any or all of the 300 Federal District Courts.

National Criminal Database

National Criminal Records Database (NCRD)

We recommend this search as a tool to uncover criminal offenses that occurred outside of areas your candidate has lived. This search instantly searches almost one billion records across 50 states and multiple jurisdictions. It contains criminal records and information from municipal, circuit, district and superior court repositories. It also includes the Department of Corrections, the FBI, US Marshal, US Customs, the DEA, the Secret Service, and the Department of Justice, as well as:

  • 50-state sex offender registry information
  • Healthcare Sanctions
  • Financial Sanctions
  • Terrorist watch lists
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)

All records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source. This helps ensure accuracy and completeness, as well as FCRA reporting compliance (see FCRA 613 (a)(2)).

Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry Search

There are currently hundreds of thousands of registered sex offenders nationwide. Under the legislation of Megan’s Law, sexual offenders are required to register when they change their residence.

Multi-state Sex Offender Search

Our multi-state database is a collection of stored data from multiple state registries. This search is included in our NCRD search. All potential records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source to ensure accuracy and compliance (see FCRA 614 (a)(2)).

Single-State Sex Offender Search

Our single-state background check is conducted by accessing real-time information at the appropriate state agency. All information is collected and confirmed through state agency channels.

Prison Inmate Search

State and Prison Inmate Searches

This type of criminal record search includes prison inmates, prison records, and offender records. During the search we’ll check state & county jails, correctional institutions, and federal penitentiaries.

This is available on a statewide level or as a federal search.

National Wants & Warrants

National Wants & Warrants

This nationwide criminal search determines if there are any outstanding or extraditable arrest wants and/or warrants. The report includes warrants issued for more serious felony offenses. It includes outstanding county warrants elevated to the nationwide level.

Homeland Security (OFAC)

Global Homeland Security (OFAC) Searches

We provide a search of more than 120 separate US and foreign sanctions and watch lists. This method of search ensures compliance with the Patriot Act. We access the most comprehensive sources for government watch, debarment, and exclusion lists.

Many federal regulations require a search of excluded party or person lists for compliance, and for due diligence outside of the US.

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