A Complete Suite of Electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify Solutions
A Complete Suite of Electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify Solutions

Create Error-Free Form I-9s


Human error is the leading cause of costly mistakes, and there are even more mistakes made when the forms are done on paper. Errors are easy to make and frighteningly common. This is pretty scary stuff considering fines for enterprise-sized companies can easily climb into the millions of dollars. And with ICE audits dramatically on the rise, you need a proven solution to protect yourself from costly fines.


Our I-9 solution guides you through every step so forms are completed properly. Our 185-point error-checking algorithm flags errors so forms can’t be submitted until corrected. This will keep you in full compliance and eliminate the risk of expensive fines.

We can even perform the same checks on your historical I-9 forms. After converting everything to digital files, our system goes to work checking for errors and expiring work authorizations. Once the system is done, all of your I-9s will be compliant and risk-free.

We're A Leading I-9 Solution for HR Professionals

I-9 Experts

In-house experts keep your program compliant

Technology Driven

Our tech will streamline the process & keep you error-free

Compliance Proven

Our platform has already passed numerous ICE audits

I-9 Solutions


EBI-9 ensures every electronic Form I-9 is error-free and integrated with E-Verify. The paperless solution lets you electronically complete, sign, and store documents. It also automatically checks for errors.

EBI-9 also helps you track results, process tentative non-confirmation letters, and remain compliant. You can search, receive document expiration notices, and stay compliant with audited activity logs on each file. And there are no servers or software to maintain.

The cloud-based system connects directly to your current software, delivers real-time results, and eliminates human error.

Audit & Remediate

Our I-9 audit & remediate software is the easy way to convert your historic I-9s into electronic versions. We’ll scan and upload your paper forms and keep them on a cloud-based platform.

Once your paper I-9s are in our electronic system, we make sure there are no mistakes that could cost you later. Our 20-tier validation authentication and 185-point error checking algorithm will ensure your historical I-9s are compliant, error-free, and audit-ready. The system also tracks employees who have expiring work authorizations, alerts you when action is needed, and automatically purges expired forms. This will make you virtually audit proof.

I-9 Remote

It’s finally easy to manage the I-9 process for remote hires. Our technology automates the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics with remote I-9s.

Our built-in electronic mobile solution makes the entire process paperless, and the platform automates reminders and messaging so you receive remote employees’ I-9s on time and without the headache. The platform also manages communication with our network of almost 13,000 authorized agents around the country. The entire process is simple, safe, and secure.

Features Include:

  • Flexible scheduling options for authorized representatives or agents
  • A national partner network of notaries
  • Over 300 physical locations to use for completion of your form I-9s
  • Flexibility to choose an authorized company or employee chosen representative
  • Audit trail that allows you to see real-time updates


Our platform allows you to easily submit all your electronic Form I-9s directly to E-Verify®. You can configure options by location, user and worksites. Receive authorization or Tentative Non-confirmations instantly. If you do receive a Tentative Non-confirmation, our platform will guide you through the process.

Electronic Form I-9 Benefits

Easy To Use

Our Form-I-9 system is designed to be simple to use and deliver effortless compliance. Artificial intelligence automates the error-checking process so you don’t have to. An intuitive user-interface makes it easy to manage, sort, and segment employee records.

Real-Time Dashboard

The intuitive interface makes processing your Form I-9s easy and fast for everyone

Real-Time Data Validation

Our system's AI eliminates human error by checking fields to ensure compliance

Digital I-9 Archiving

Fast access to all of your Form I-9s so you can review them whenever you want

Time Saving Features

Our system is easy to use and integrates with any ATS or HRIS platform, eliminating redundant data entry. Incorporating our automated error checking feature will allow you to process error-free electronic Form I-9s 75% faster than paper I-9s.

  • Paperless
  • Access directly from your ATS or HRIS
  • Audit-ready reporting
  • Automatically purge expired Form I-9s
  • Track E-Verify cases from your ATS or HRIS
  • Forensic quality audit trails
  • Instant E-Verify submission
  • Automatic error checking
  • Electronic signature options

World Class Security Infrastructure

Our I-9 system adheres to the top industry standards, including ISO 27001, SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II and PCI DSS. The entire system utilizes a 2048 bit SSL encryption, which meets the standards set by most major financial sites. Other security features include:

  • Dual, separate firewall technology providers
  • Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention technologies
  • Redundant data communication connection
  • Emergency backup power generation
  • Multi-data center design
Compliance Benefits

Minimize Risk

Our I-9 platform was developed and is managed by I-9 and E-Verify experts. We fully understand what it takes to maintain full compliance. Our team reviews new rulings and guidance to make sure our products are in full compliance with current E-Verify and I-9 regulations. As the rules change, so does our software.

All that matters is that your Form I-9s are always compliant.

You'll Always Be Prepared For An ICE Audit

The number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) audits are increasing. When ICE issues your company a Notice of Inspection, you have only three days to prepare for an audit. EBI’s audit-ready electronic Form I-9 solution can deliver the necessary audit documents in minutes. Our system even maintains a legally compliant audit trail of every action made within EBI’s I-9 system. It will also purge Form I-9s in accordance with the Three Year/One Year Rule.

You could pay $216.00 to $2,156.00 for each noncompliant form. You may also receive jail time or debarment depending on the circumstances.

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