ONGOING Employee Screening ONGOING Employee Screening
ONGOING Employee Screening

Post-Hire Monitoring and Rescreening

We’ll ensure your employees uphold your company’s high standards with our post-hire program.

First, we’ll determine what you want to routinely screen for. Then we set up monitoring of your employees and let you know when an infraction occurs.

Infractions you might include in your program are:

  • New criminal records
  • Changes in existing records
  • Healthcare sanctions
  • Sexual offenses
  • Driving violations

Our post-hire monitoring solution simplifies ongoing record checks for large employers. We help keep information current in order to reduce your risk. It also identifies circumstances that increase your risk, like negligent retention claims or workplace violence. We help you avoid these problems with:

  • NCRD searches
  • Healthcare sanctions checks
  • Sex offender searches
  • Continuous driver monitoring

Continuous Driver Monitoring

Continuous Driver Monitoring makes sure your employees’ driving records stay clean. Each month, you’ll receive a report of any recent data changes. Whether that’s an expired license, an¬†expiring¬†license, a violation, suspension, or a conviction.

Benefits of Continuous Driver Monitoring:

  1. Lower costs and fewer incidents.
    Fewer accidents means lower insurance premiums and fewer lawsuits.
  2. Promotes safe driving.
    Identify high-risk drivers, and automatically schedule training for them.
  3. Saves you time.
    Get notified when there’s a change in driving data.
  4. Streamlined management.
    You have access to driver data 24/7 from your interactive dashboard.
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