70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. – CareerBuilder 2018 Survey

Make Informed Hiring and Monitoring Decisions with Credible Reporting

You can tell a lot about a person from the social media content they post, share, and comment on. While there is no substitute for a criminal background check, an EBI Social Screening Report is becoming a necessary component to any comprehensive hiring policy.

Conducting internal social media checks without proper training is risky, cost-heavy, and filled with holes. With 25 years in the background screening industry, EBI professionally curates this content into consistent, compliant reports.

An EBI Social Screening Report provides a 360° View of a Candidate’s Online Persona


Unbiased reports that hold true to EEOC, FCRA, GDPR regulations. We reduce your risk and protect hiring integrity.


Our ISO 9001 certification for quality management helps ensure we remain 99.98% accurate.


Easy-to-read reports reflect a candidate’s online behaviors including intolerance, illegal activity, or sexually explicit material.

Why Verify Online Screening Behavior?

Many people treat social media as an anonymous activity. But it’s not. Words, pictures, and behaviors have meaning
and impact. EBI Social Screening Reports focus on:

  • Intolerance or racist remarks/images
  • Potentially illegal behavior or violent conduct
  • Sexually explicit material

An EBI Social Screening Report provides a 360° View of a Candidate's Online Persona


Provocative Photos


Drinking or Drug Use


Discriminatory Comments


Criminal Behavior

EBI Social Screening Reports Take the Guesswork Out of Candidates’ Online Behaviors

Maintain workplace safety ONLINE BEHAVIORS both in house and remote.

Bolster culture with people who enhance your mission

Reduce negligent hiring and discrimination lawsuits

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