Reference Checks, Verifications, and Credentialing Reference Checks, Verifications, and Credentialing
Reference Checks, Verifications, and Credentialing

References & Credentialing services can help you determine if what your candidate has on their resume is truthful. According to recent statistics, 85% of job applicants lie in some fashion on their resume. Adding these services could potentially save you a good deal of money in the future.

Employment Verifications

Our in-house, U.S. based verification specialists are trained to conduct in-depth, detailed, and confidential verification of your candidates or employees.

Employment Verifications include:

Dates of Employment

Professional Licenses

Military Service

Professional References

DOT Verifications

Technical Certificates

Education Verifications

Diploma mills are a billion-dollar industry and applicants are becoming more comfortable stretching the truth on resumes. These are just two of the reasons Education Verifications are so valuable. Are your applicants honest? Do they have the background and knowledge that they claim? Or are they claiming to be something they are not?

Education Verifications provide:

Dates Of Attendance


Degrees Received

School GPA

Credits Accumulated


Institution Comments

Researcher Comments

Professional License Verifications

License verifications are often done by medical professionals, CPAs, attorneys, engineers, and real estate agents.

This service will validate the following:

Records on License Validity and Accuracy

Disciplinary Actions Taken

Date of Issue

Renewal and Expiration Dates

Status of License

Other Information Provided by an Institution

Reference Checks

Reference interviews can reveal additional information about your candidate that traditional employment verification cannot. We offer a wide range of interview questions to meet your individual requirements and offer both basic and extended reference check services.

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