What Being the BEST Means at EBI

We've shared a series of posts explaining how EBI sets the quality standard in the background screening industry by using five measurable pillars of excellence. And we encouraged you to ask your screener 10 questions to find out if they are providing you the same commitment (part one, part two). But how does EBI’s dedication to quality and compliance make your job easier? We spoke with Larry White, Chief Operating Officer and President of EBI, to see the process in action.

The Human Touch: A Day in the Life of our EBI Customer Care Team

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way businesses are able to provide customer service. Chat bots, email, social media, and automated 1-800 numbers have made reaching a business easier than ever. But in many cases, the results of these interactions are disappointing and unpleasant experiences. Why? They lack the human interaction needed to actually resolve an issue. EBI views Customer Care and our clients’ needs differently.

Boo! Does Your Local Haunted House Screen Its Scarers?

Halloween hijinks at haunted houses and corn mazes are part of the thrills and chills we love to experience each October. While a good scare is part of an authentic Halloween holiday, it’s more frightening to think the pretend-chainsaw-wielding psychopaths at these iconic haunted houses haven’t been background checked.

How Just v. Target Differs from other FCRA Complaints
How Just v. Target Differs from other FCRA Complaints

I have written countless articles about FCRA lawsuits over the last few years, and it seems they almost always end with the big-name company paying out millions to make the case go away. So I was intrigued by the judge’s decision to dismiss a recent case against Target, saying he did not believe the company “willfully” did anything to break the law. I reached out to our friend and expert Mary Poquette to try to figure out why this case ended so differently.

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Using Social Media for Background Checks – Part 1
Using Social Media for Background Checks – Part 1

  How many times a day do you check social media? For some of you, it may be too many to count. But that habit could actually get you in trouble if you are involved in the hiring process. The Screening News Network’s Jennifer Gladstone spoke with Philadelphia employment law expert Jonathan Segal about the risks and rewards of checking out your applicants’ profiles.  

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