The Human Touch: A Day in the Life of our EBI Customer Care Team

The Human Touch: A Day in the Life of our EBI Customer Care Team

By Tricia O'Connor

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way businesses are able to provide customer service. Chat bots, email, social media, and automated 1-800 numbers have made reaching a business easier than ever. But in many cases, the results of these interactions are disappointing and unpleasant experiences. Why? They lack the human interaction needed to actually resolve an issue. EBI views Customer Care and our clients’ needs differently.

For 25 years, our award-winning Customer Care team has put people first. When you call, email, or chat with us, you are immediately connected with a highly-skilled EBI team member who listens to you, provides on-the-spot solutions or answers, and advocates for your business goals. We certainly have the technology needed to help resolve a challenge as swiftly as possible, but we know nothing can replace the knowledge and experience of an EBI Customer Care team member. We provide a personalized experience our clients simply can’t find at any other Consumer Reporting Agency.

Jamel Smith, Customer Care Supervisor, explains more:

Talk it Out

Our unparalleled service is all thanks to our team members who embrace the EBI value of delivering a WOW Experience day after day. Jamel, like the rest of our U.S. based Customer Care team, works in our Maryland headquarters. This intentional approach to unify the team – not just in principle, but in location – is a strategic move that makes our team the most agile and responsive it can be. Our team members are not restricted to a scripted tier of engagement, rather they are encouraged to collaborate with other team members to provide answers that precisely resolve clients’ unique challenges, no matter what those are. Jamel sees this everyday in action.

“If I need something, I don’t have to call. I don’t have to send an email and wait for a response. I can get up and go walk over to that person. And often times, that ends up with a faster turnaround time and delivering the ultimate service and that WOW experience to our clients,” he says.

The Human Touch

Our EBI Customer Care team comprises experts in every area of background screening with an average tenure of almost 10 years each.

Our remarkable results speak for themselves:

  • 98% of calls are answered within three rings
  • 97% of calls are handled by a live EBI Customer Care team member
  • 80% of client issues are FULLY resolved on the first call

Jamel says these metrics are more than performance standards. They are proof to every EBI Customer Care team member that the service they provide each day matters.

Jamel 1x1

Having the opportunity to have an impact on someone’s life – it feels great.
At the end of the day, when I sit back and reflect, and I know that a client has maybe brought in an applicant who has fulfilled their dreams and aspirations, that’s so satisfying.

So, go ahead and use that technology to reach out. Call us. Email us. Engage with us on social media. But know that on the other end is a real person who will listen to you, understand your needs, and work diligently to resolve your challenge. Technology may make our lives easier, but it will never replace the compassionate, compliant, and customized assistance our EBI Customer Care team provides.

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